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I have grown up with the dogs. There are stories about me and the dogs from my very early age when my parents used to have black „german shepherd“ Caesar who watched me while i was sleeping in the pram and he shaked the pram when I started to cry. When I was 4 years old I went with him for a walk – taking just a little pot with water for him and without single word to my parents I just left for the walk with Ceasar. My parents were in shock till they found me.

When I was in teenager we have had another german shepherd named Danka – I was training her and made basic exams of working dog with her.

Just before my 18 I have got my first „real“ dog – it was briard Ch.Belmondo Garex – with pat name Jean. He was excelent working dog and with very good results at the show – he became Czech champion – my first made up Champion ! He has digged the place in my heart forever.









In 1990 i have seen the first skye terrier. I have immediatelly falled in love with this breed. At that time I was still too young to have a puppy of skye terrier, I was a student, I had no salary and the skye terrier puppy cost nearly the same like month salary of my parents. Later on I have started to work next to my studies and I saved some money for my skye terrier puppy.
One friend of mine who is owner and nowadays succesfull breeder of bealgian shepherds told me that Mrs.Hajkova - also a breeder of belgian shepherds and some other breeds, has the puppies of skye terriers. So I went there to have a look but unfortunally she had only boys, but she offered me 8 months old girl imported from Poland. She brought her to the room and she was not listening her owner at all she just jumped on me and watched me like when she says: 'Oh, are you going to také me out of here???, I will be glad to go with you' The lady said to me that I can have this girl but I just turned back home with the conclusion that I want to have a puppy and not teenager.

I couldn't sleep at night how much I was thinking of this skye terrier girl. Next day I went again to this lady and I left from her with my first skye terrier called Buffa, her official name is "Buffa od Miki"
Since that day many things changed, from this teenager grown up very pretty girl and we enjoyed together many succesess in the show ring and she became my wonderful companior. Buffa became Czech champion and International champion, she was succesfully shown also in Germany, Nederland and Belgium.

In 1997 Buffa had her first litter - these were also my first litter under the affix KIAORA. Buffa was bred to CH. Tamesis Dexter and got six puppies - 4 bitches and 2 boys. After my first litters and some show experience I still felt that I need to learn a lot about the dogs. So in 1998 I left to Belgium to Hartman family in their very famous kennel of bearded collies (Firstprizebears) and bobtails (aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) and I stood there for one and half year and I got a great lessons about the breeding, showing, grooming and everything what belongs to the dogs. I have found in Conny and Joop great friends and somewhere there starts the „history“ of my bearded collies.

During my stay in Belgium I looked for the father of Buffa´s next litter and I found him in excellent Ch.Briliant Whispers Prime Time – more about that litter here.

I have kept from this combination Ch.Berquist Kajsa KIAORA „Aja“.......and the story continues and you can watch it on this homepage ....


Alouette KIAORA and Amaltheia KIAORA   KIAORA breeding group, from left: Amaltheia K., Alouete K., Berquist Kajsa, Adamas







Here I would like to express my thanks to all the people who were, are or will be important in my not only dog life…


-          I thank to my parents for their patience with me, their support and help….


-          I thank to my husband Pavel Folget for his support, help and company on the faraways journeys, for his love and understanding to those who will allways be part of my lifee and whom are dedicated these web pages.


-          I thank to my sister Hanka and her partner Martin Supek who always help me and they are are great companiors on my journeys…


-          I thank to my collegues in the work for their understading for me and my hobby and for each loving scratch of my darlings behind their ears


-          I thank to all my friends affected by „dog bug“ for their maximal support and for introducing me the world of the dogs – especially to Beata Reimannova (Stybrova) who has persuaded me to start with the training of 8 years old Danka and make the success exams with her ! I thank to Gabina Hajnova – the breeder of my first „real“ dog – briard CH.Belmondo Garex for introducing me the world of the shows and for her support all over.


-          No like the last ones I have to give big thanks to Conny and Joop Hartman – I have spent almost 2 years in their company while working for them in their kennel Firstprizebears (bearded collie) and Aus dem Elbe-Ustromtal (OES), I falled in love with beardies, I have learned very very much about the breeding, shows, grooming and  about the dog world all around. For my „art“ of grooming and handling I´m thankfull especially to them !


-          I thank to all the owners of KIAORA beardies and skye terriers for their confidence in the breeding KIAORA for their care about their darlings and for them who are active at the shows and sports for their excellent presentation of KIAORA.


-          I thank to many others whom I meet during my work with and for dogs – in good and bad ways – thank you for all the lessons !


-          I thank also to you that you have opened my web site and have spent your time for reading it.



Lenka Folget Klimova