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4.7.2012 - on the begining of August we expect puppies - more info here


26.2.2012 - CACIB Fribourg / CH




Nikki is now champion of 5 countries ! We are very proud of her.


25.2.2012 - CACIB Fribourg / CH,


Ch.Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki"  - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, shortlisted in the group


5.2.2012 - CACIB Brno/ CZ, judge: A. Auerbach / CZ


Ch. Democrat KIAORA - Ex1, CAC, CACIB


4.2.2012 - CACIB Brno/ CZ, judge: S.Petik / H


Ch. Democrat KIAORA "Lampard" - Ex1, CAC, CACIB


29.1.2012 CACIB Moescroen / B, rozhodčí: P.Muntean


Ch.Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki" - Ex1, CAC, CACIB                   NEW BELGIAN AND INTERCHAMPION



15.12.2011 - today I have received from Nathalie the breeder of  Lampard´s puppies a new photo of his son Grain de Fantasie des Vallees Engissoises. More about Lampard´s pups here



22.10.2011 - today we tried coursing with the dogs for the first time. Lampard naturally joined us as well and he did very well :) His time on the video comes at  2:38 :)






2.10.2011 - today we have received photo of Bondi Beach KIAORA , she is recently 11 years old and still doing very well with her owner Gisel Nietschiwtz in Germany


27.8.2011 a 28.8.2011 - Chelsea and  Lampard has been at the 3 shows in Hungary (2x CACIB show, 1x terrier specialty- we didn´t know about the show in advance, the announcement was made at the place and we could enter there.). Lampard gained hungarian championship titel by wining 3x CAC, 2x CACIB. Chelsea won  3x CAC and 2x res. CACIB.


20.7.2011 - Lampard - F / E Ch. Democrat KIAORA is back home. After the World show in Paris Lampard came back home. Meeting him at the hotel room of Nathalie made me cry and remind the words of long term skye terrier breeder Mrs. Pavcikova (Tamesis) that skye never forgets.

After those 10 months by Nathalie, Lampard masculine a lot and he is in excellent show condition. At home he was warmly welcomed by his sister Chelsea who is happy to have again a friend to chase cats a barks on them :)

I would like to express great thank you to Nahalie and her husband Phillipe for all the excellent care they gave to my Lampard and naturally also for those two championships they have gained with him and much much more. Thank you very very much.



The photos from world show in Paris are by Mr.Konupka. Thank you.



Nathalie Drochon had wonderfull weekend in Spain. She travelled with her own Ch.Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki"  and our Lampard - Ch.Democrat KIAORA  Both dogs came back as SPANISH CHAMPIONS !  Thank you Nathalie and Philippe.


21.5.2011 Madrid / E, judge: SOTOCA SANTOS Angel (E)


Ch.Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki" - Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOS


Ch.Democrat KIAORA  - v1, CAC, CACIB, BOB        

Lampard met spanish queen

20.5.2011 Madrid / E, rozhodčí: ARGENTE DEL CASTILLO LECHUGA Adrian (E)


Ch.Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki" - Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB


Ch.Democrat KIAORA  - v1, CAC, CACIB, BOS   



3.5.2011 - two puppy boys from Ch. Democrat Kiaora and MultiCh. Another time for Lilly DES VALLEES ENGISSOISES are still searching for new loving home. More at the link puppies



2.4.2011 - new photos of Lampard´s and Lilly puppies


7.3.2011 - 9 puppies from our Lampard are BORN !  more here

LAMPARD WILL BE FATHER ! At the begining of March there are puppies of our Lampard expected in french kennel des Vallees Engissoises . If you are interested don´t hesistate directly the breeders  Nathalie a Philipp Drochon.


12.2.2011 CACIB Niort / F, judge: E. Chwalibog / PL


Democrat KIAORA "Lampard" - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Best in show  terrier of Scotland     NEW FRENCH CHAMPION 


thank you very much Nathalie a Philippe for your love, care and handling of Lampard !




15.1.2011 CACIB Bordeaux / F, judge: M.C.Sahri / F


Democrat KIAORA "Lampard" - Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB


Thank you Nathalie Drochon for handling Lampard, I´m  very happy and thankfull for all the love and care you give to him.


19.12.2010 CACIB Brussel/ B, judge: A.Cuthbert/Irl


Ch.Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki" - Ex3



18.12.2010 - INTERRA show Brussel / B,


 Ch.Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki" - Ex1, CAC, Best female, BOB


Ch.Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki" - BEST OF BREED         


17.10.2010 CACIB Lausanne / CH, judge:


Democrat KIAORA - Ex1, CAC, res.CACIB


Ch.Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki" - Ex1, CAC, CACIB




16.10.2010 CACIB Lausanne / CH, judge:


Democrat KIAORA - Ex1, CAC, res.CACIB


Ch.Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki" - Ex1, CAC, CACIB



1.10.2010 - European dog show Celje / Slo, judge: G.Alessandra / Italy


MultiCh. Berquist Kajsa KIAORA  "Aja" -Ex 1, EVROPEAN VETERAN WINNER  MultiCh.Berquist Kajsa KIAORA, EUROPEAN VETERAN WINNER 2010, judge: G.Alessandra / Italy


I would like to thank to great companiors during my journey and my stay in Celje - thanks  Michaela Ourednikova, Tereza Hillebrantova, Conny a Harry Verelst and as well to Denisa and Tomas Stejskal for all their help with Abilene. Without you it would be impossible to manage the trip with so many dogs.


from left: Kaspian KIAORA, Ch.Firstprizebears Abilene, me :), Ch.Firstprizebears Hitchcock, lying Aja - MultiCh.Berquist Kajsa KIAORA - new European Veteran Winner  2010

foto: Tereza Hillebrantova


25.9.2010 - Nationale d´elevage, Le Blanc / F, judge: P. Lehkonen / Fin


Ch.Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki" - Ex1                    Ch.Dream Change KIAORA


Democrat KIAORA "Lampard"- Exc1, CACS, BIS 2 of intermediate classes   Democrat KIAORA with Nathalie Drochon    Democrat KIAORA as the BIS 2 of intermediate classes


Since september Lampard lives with  Nathalie Drochon in France. I´m looking forward his next show results with Nathalie and hopefully we will have him soon back home :) Nathalie thank you for all your care and love of Lampard.


5.9.2010 - CACIB Luxembourg / Lux, judge: D. Korosec / Slo




Democrat KIAORA "Lampard"- Exc1, CACL, res.CACIB


11.7.2010 French championship show Paris / F, judge: Mr.Harri Lehkonen /Fin


Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki" - Ex1, Best junior in breed, NEW FRENCH JUNIOR CHAMPION !!!


25.6.2010 World Dog Show Herning / DK, judge: Mr.H.v.d.Berg / NL


Dark Face KIAORA "Chelsea"  - VG 3


Democrat KIAORA "Lampard"- Exc 4


Berquist Kajsa KIAORA  "Aja" - Exc1, WORLD VETERAN WINNER     




13.6.2010 CACIB Erfurt / D, judge: L.Lleton / DK


Dark Face KIAORA "Chelsea"  - Exc1, CAC, VDH, CACIB, BOB    


Democrat KIAORA "Lampard"- Exc1, CAC, VDH, CACIB   



12.6.2010 CAC Erfurt / D, judge: I. Freerksen /D


Dark Face KIAORA "Chelsea"  - Exc1, CAC, VDH


Democrat KIAORA "Lampard"- Exc1, CAC, VDH, BOB


22.5.2010 CACIB Litomerice / CZ , judge: M.Vaclavik /CZ


Dark Face KIAORA "Chelsea"  - Exc1, CAC, CACIB


Ch. Amaltheia KIAORA "Ami" - Exc1, CAC, res. CACIB


Democrat KIAORA "Lampard"- Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB


16.5.2010 Libourne / F, judge: P. Parson / F


Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki" - Exc1, CACS, Best opposite sex  - just at the sweet age of 16 months    Dream Change KIAORA



13.5.2010 ??? , Finsko, judge: M.Supronowitz / PL


Dunham S. Ann KIAORA "Tekla" - Ex, CAC


except the shows , Tekla is training obedience as well - more photos in her photogalery.                                                       


1.5.2010 CACIB Crufts Qualification Show - Praha / CZ , judge: Szalai F. /SK


Dark Face KIAORA "Chelsea"  - Ex1


Democrat KIAORA "Lampard"- Ex1, BOB Junior, Crufts qualification 2011, BOB

Lampard has also competiting in Junior handling with  Šárka Hájkova. Skye is not that usual breed in Junior handling but Lampard did very well with Sarka and they ended up on 2nd place. Sarka has asked me for Lampard in advance by e-mail. They first met on saturday morning at the show. She handled him with a sense and they did really well together. Long time ago Sarka´s mum has sold me my very first skye terrier - ICh. Buffa od Miki.


25.4.2010 National Terrier club show Luxembourg / Lux, judge: M.Moeler-Sieber / D


Dream Change KIAORA "Nikki"  Exc1, CACL


24.4.2010 CACIB Ceske Budejovice / CZ, judge: E.Letackova /CZ


Dark Face KIAORA "Chelsea"   Exc1, CAC, CACIB


Democrat KIAORA "Lampard"  Exc1, CAJC, BOB Junior, BOB


11.4.2010 CACIB Dresden/ D, judge:


Dark Face KIAORA "Chelsea"   Exc1, CAC-J, Best Junior in Breed


Berquist Kajsa KIAORA "Aja" - Exc1, CAC-V, Best veteran in Breed,  BOB


10.4.2010 Terriers specialty Dresden/ D, judge: J.Eberhart / D


Dark Face KIAORA "Chelsea"   Exc1, CAC-J, Best Junior in Breed


Berquist Kajsa KIAORA "Aja" - Exc1, CAC-V, Best veteran in Breed,  BOB, BEST IN SHOW VETERAN


9.2.2010 - while our  Amaltheia KIAORA made happy me and many skye terrier fanciers by her victory at BIS veteran at the show in Brno at her almost 13 years of age , her brother took a journey where is no way back. r ADAMAS KIAORA " Tony" died on 9th of February at peace in his home.

When his owner Vera Hallova phoned me and we both cried about this very sad news, the film started to be replayed in my mind. Tony was the first skye terrier of his family, he followed them during their life - they brought him home when they were just couple living together, he was there when they got married, he was around when they build their new house , when they moved, when the first child came. He was great companior for their children. He was sooo special for them and as well to me. He was my first bred champion, he was the only dog I have ever known in my life who could recognize his sister on the TV screen (watching the videos from the shows he always came and licked the screen when his sister Alouette KIAORA  was on) , he was .... he is still in our hearts ....

II hope now Tony has met his mother over the rainbow bridge....




Tonyho fotogalerie

7.2.2010 - CACIB Brno / CZ, judge: E.Chwalibog / PL


Dark Face KIAORA "Chelsea"   V1, CAJC, BOB Junior, BOB      JCh.Dark Face KIAORA, foto by Z. Slivkova


Ch.Amaltheia KIAORA "Ami" - V1, Best Veteran, BEST IN SHOW VETERAN CH.AMALTHEIA KIAORA - BIS VETERAN - photo by H.Brychta



6.2.2010 - CACIB Brno / CZ, judge: E.Letáčková / CZ


Dark Face KIAORA "Chelsea"    V1, CAJC, BOB Junior


Ch.Amaltheia KIAORA "Ami" - V1, Best veteran, BOB


17.1.2010 - CACIB Tromostovje / Slo, judge: R.Jacobs / D


Dark Face KIAORA  "Chelsea"   Ex1, PRM, BOB Junior


16.1.2010 - Club show Ljubljana / Slo , judge: E.Clerc / CH


Dark Face KIAORA "Chelsea" -  Exc1, PRM, BOB Junior, shortlisted in BIS junior



31.12.2009 - Happy new year for all our friends and fanciers ! Thank you very much for all your cards , you can find the full collection here


End of the year is always very hectic for us. I thank to all of you who have sent me new photos of the doggies we have bred. I appreciate it very much and step by step I will add the photos to our home page.