Bearded collie is very active breed and it is suitabile especially for sporty families. Doesn´t matter if you walk a lot with your dog or if you take your beardie to play with other dogs or if you are active in doing any dog sport. It all doesn´t matter what matters is that you having fun with your beardie. Beardies are happy and will give you back a lot of joy and energy.

On this site you can see photos and videos from different sport acitivities the owners do with their KIAORA beardies.




No discussion about the absolute SUPER STAR in agility - it is  A3Ch. All About Me KIAORA "Sarah" a Lucie Náplavová. Sarah is the only beardie in history in Czech republic who perfomed  to the top in one weekend in both - in show and sport. In 2008 she became BOB at the czech specialty and next day she has won the Czeh championship of Czech republic in agility for beardies.

A3Ch. MultiCh. All About Me KIAORA "Sarah", photo by I. Ruzicka  A3Ch. MultiCh. All About Me KIAORA "Sarah", photo by I. Ruzicka


Other KIAORA bearded collies who are doing agility: Affair of Heart, Donatella, Desert Gold, I´Bono, Jane, Hendrix



   Ch.Affair of Heart KIAORA, photo by Attila Heger    

 MultiCh.All About Me KIAORA, photo by Attila Heger  

Donatella KIAORA - just watching the agility course   Dune of KIAORA - his first steps on the agility course

Desert Gold KIAORA  Desert Gold KIAORA  Desert Gold KIAORA




Our Obedience SUPER STAR is  Jack - All My Life KIAORA. Jack with his owner Marek Pavlů passed the exams OB3 (during 2011 they passed the exam 4 times - 2 times graded excellent, 2 times graded very good)


Jack also took 4th place at  Czech championship in obedience (all breeds) in 2011 in category OB3. The championship was judged by   Johann Kurzbauer from Austria - the presiden of FCI obedience comitee


Jack na Mistrovství republiky CR pozorován rozhodčím Johannem Kurzbauerem 


Video of Jack



on chanel Jack´s owner  You Tube chanel you can see more videos




Affair of Heart KIAORA is Champion of Czech republic in coursing 2005


Other KIAORA beardies active in coursing: Cyber Shot, Helloween, Kaspian, Leeda




on the video you can see Kaspian KIAORA on his very much first coursing race


Working tests according the rules of British bearded collie club


Senior Test:

All My Life KIAORA


Intermediate working test: All About Me, Affair of Heart, Hendrix


Primary and Junior Tests:

Lambrusco, In Name of Love, I´Bono, Cyber shot, Dune of, Desert Gold





Jana Němcová and "Jimi" Hendrix KIAORA at the Czech championship in dogdancing 2011





Jack - All My Life KIAORA: ZZO, ZPO, ZUP1, BH, FPr1

Other dogs who are in training: Lambrusco, Leeda, Lucca a Kaspian


All My Life KIAORA "Jack"  Lambrusco KIAORA  Lambrusco KIAORA




There is only Frida KIAORA in Poland with her owner doing dogfrisbee