How it all began....


Lenka and CesarI have used to grow up with the dog , our family always own at least one dog. The one who is very much attached to my childhood was black "german shepherd" Cesar. He has guarded me as baby and me like little girl of 4 years old was taking him to the walks around our village always carrying little pot with a water for him but without telling anything to my parents. Nowadays I don´t wonder my parents were fooled when they couldn´t find me either the dog.

When I came into the teenage I started to train another "german shepherd" of ours - femaleLenka and Danka Danka. Even she was not the youngest one when we have started our training, I have succeseed with her and she passed the basics exams what I was very proud about.

My first real dog with the pedigree was briard - Ch.BELMONDO GAREX -called Jean. He was great working Lenka with Jean and Buffadog and my first made up champion. He died when he was 9 years old. Just on the day when I have been placed for the first time in my life in the group final - with my bearded collie MultiCh.Firstprizebears Lukachukai (res.BIG at the show in Litomerice 2001). I never forget the day of the joy and happpiness which was in few hours totally destroyed by all the pain of losing Jean... Jean will always have special place in my heart.


When Jean was just about 1 year old I have already been planing to buy a skye terrier - one day in the future. One day when Jean is older. Well may be it was fortune which brought me in to my life Buffa - my first skye terrier bitch CH.Buffa od Miki (more you can read in the history of our skye terrier breeding).








In 1997 I have left to Belgium together with Buffa. For almost 2 years the world famous bobtails („Aus dem Elbe Urstromtal“) and beardiesLenka with bobtail puppies from left on the bench: MultiCH.FPB Apache, Ch.F.Z´Winnetou, MultiCH.F.Lukachukai, MultiCh.Vancouver, below from left: Ch.F.Aspen, Tampa, Very Brown, Z´Waikiki and Ch.Sheepish Prize Bear the First(„Firstprizebears“) kennel of Conny and Joop Hartman became my home. I have watched the beardies on the show already before but at Firstprizebears I realized who is the Bearded collie. Those funny, always in good mood and totally no troubles girls and boys started to coming into my heart.

When I have decided to come back to Czech republic Conny and Joop offered me to show their brown girl Laura – Ch. Firsprizebears Very Brown in Central Europe. I didn´t need one second to say yes – Laura became my favourite one and it was pleasure and honour to get the opportunity to share some time with her. Laura Firstprizebears Very Browngained easily the czech and polish championship titel and later on also slovakian, after her comeback to Conny and Joop she gained her Dutch titel just by entering 4 shows and also won the titel Worldchampion 2000 in Milano. Laura - by her sweetness and temperament just captured my heart for the beardies.

When she had to come back – Luca – „Ch.Firstprizebears Lukachukai“ came to us. This black dog withlenka with Laura and Luca typical beardie character –always in good temper, welcoming everyone with the smile and carrying the toy in his mouth, never losing his glory – either in or out of the show ring – became very quickly my great friend. Luka has finished his show carrier in veteran class by winning BIS Veteran at several occasions. He has gained 12 official FCI Championships (Interchampion, Luxembourg, Belgian, Dutch, German VDH, German club, Czech , Polish, Austrian, Slovakian, Swedish, Hungarian). He is father of more then 200 beardies living all over the world including Japan, USA and Canada (more about his offspring here). As we are small hobby kennel with not many bitches we had not suitable girl for him to breed to him. That´s why we have decided to froze his semen for the future. Anyway Luka is still in great condition and happily living with us.


The decision of my next dog was not hard to make – younger sister of Laura Linda „FirstprizebearsLinda at the age of 5 months Z´Waikiki“ joined us in October 2000. When that two months old puppy entered our house she didn´t allow any doubts that she is at home here. As she became mother of 10 champions (updated march 2011) she has proven to be successful progenitor of the kennel KIAORA.











KIAORA -  is friendly greeting of the domestic people in New Zealand. I choose the name because I want to breed friendly dogs and because New Zealand is my heart affair even never have been there yet.

I have founded KIAORA affix in 1995, the first KIAORA litter was born in 1997 (skye terrier), the first beardie litter was born in 2003. So far we have bred 15 champions (see here, updated march 2011)



Our philosophy of breeding is  health at first, good beardie temperament, champion quality of the dog and bitch we use in the breeding.

All our dogs have x-rayed and scored hips and we always publish the result when ever is good or not that good.

Our dogs are also eye-tested.

Since 2007 we also x-ray and score the elbows of our own dogs.


SHOWS:ready to show

Since I have entered the show ring for the first time in 1993 I have been infected by show bug and it continues.

My first champion was my first pedigree dog briard – Ch.Belmondo GAREX, then I have started to show my skye terrier Ch. Buffa od Miki. The first beardie whom I have handled in the show rings was Ch.Firstprizebears Very Brown „Laura“ , then came many others – MultiCH.Firstprizebears Apache - European Winner FCI 2003you can see the list of homebred and made up champions here. I have been honoured to show many veryMultiCh.Firstprizebears Apache - res.BIS in Luxembourg in 2005 beautifull beardies who are owned by other people the main superstars I have used to show who are not in my ownership are/were: MultiCh.Firstprizebears Apache (under my handling he gained f.e. these titels: CZ, SK, A, then European Winner Bratislava 2003, res.BEST IN SHOW in Luxembourg 2005) Ch.Firstprizebears Aloha Ch.Firstprizebears Aloha winning the group in Leszno 2004(group winner from Leszno 2004 and Varazdin 2004, also CZ,  PL Champion and MiddleEast European winner 2004). Ch.Firstprizebears Enfield (2nd in Open Class Crufts 2009, 1st in Open class at World beardie specialty Tullinge / Sweden 2008, Best in Group Winner Mlada Boleslav, BIS Winner at German Specialty 2007, Champion of CZ, SK, PL, A, VDH, D -club, ICH)  

                                                    Ch.Firstprizebears Enfield - 2nd in Open class at Crufts 2009   Ch.Firstprizebears Enfield winning open class at beardie world specialty in Tullinge / Sweden 2008    Ch.Firstprizebears Enfield winning Club winner titel at the CZ beardie club show, judged by Mrs. M.Betts/UK


To know more about the made up champions please click here




We are small family kennel, our puppies have daily care and attention. We have our whelping box placed in our living room till theCh.Firstprizebears Z´Waikiki and her 1 day old B´Eastern Bunny KIAORApuppies are 3 weeks old. Then they are moving to the special room where they have plenty of space to play and enjoy the puppy life with their brothers and sisters. Our puppies are ready to leave to their new homes when they are at least 7 weeks old, mostly they are leaving around 8 weeks of age. I think it is the best age for them to come into the new family. When necessary booked puppy Puppies at the age of 5 weeks - our A littercan stay with us longer (due to the owner´s planned holidays or special instruction about importing puppies to different countries).

Our puppies are always chipped, wormcured, vaccinated at least once (otherwise according their age), veterinary checked, equipped by EU pet passport, FCI pedigree (when going abroad naturally with FCI export pedigree), sales contract. You always can expect the support and advice from us. You get grooming lesson and feeding instruction.

Our puppies are living in different countries all around the world: f.e. USA, Canada, Israel, South Africa, Malta, Sweden, Belgium, Nederland, France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Lithunia, Slovenia.


       11 weeks old puppy - our C litter   


We are members:


Czech kennel club / FCI    Czech bearded collie club  Bearded Collie Club UK  Czech terriers club The Skye terrier club of FinnlandOur local club in Chlumec  









Here I would like to express my thanks to all the people who were, are or will be important in my not only dog life…


-          I thank to my parents for their patience with me, their support and help….from left - my father, me, my sister Hanka and her boyfriend Martin

 Lenka and Pavel with Abilene and Ami at the golf course

-          I thank to my husband Pavel Folget for his support, help and company on the faraways journeys, for his love and understanding to those who will allways be part of my life and whom are dedicated these web pages.

 we - Lenka and Pavel with my sister Hanka and her boyfriend Martin and some of our darlings

-          I thank to my sister Hanka and her partner Martin Supek who always help me and they are are great companiors on my journeys…


-          I thank to my collegues in the work for their understading for me and my hobby and for each loving scratch of my darlings behind their ears


-          I thank to all my friends affected by „dog bug“ for their maximal support and for introducing me the world of the dogs – especially to Beata Reimannova (Stybrova) who has persuaded me to start with the training of 8 years old Danka and make the success exams with her ! I thank to Gabina Hajnova – the breeder of my first „real“ dog – briard CH.Belmondo Garex for introducing me the world of the shows and for her support all over.

 Lenka with Firstprizebears Blue Lagoon and Conny with Firstprizebears Donna Summer

-          No like the last ones I have to give big thanks to Conny Loest-Verelst – I have spent almost 2 years in her  company while working for her kennel Firstprizebears (bearded collie) and Aus dem Elbe-Ustromtal (OES), I falled in love with beardies, I have learned very very much about the breeding, shows, grooming and  about the dog world all around. For my „art“ of grooming and handling I´m thankfull especially to her !  I have also found great friend in Conny.

 KIAORA beardies with their owners, Thank you to all of you for the love and care you give them !

-          KIAORA beardies with their owners, Thank you to all of you for the love and care you give them !I thank to all the owners of KIAORA beardies and skye terriers for their confidence in the breeding KIAORA for their care about their darlings and for them who are active at the shows and sports for their excellent presentation of KIAORA.


-          I thank to many others whom I meet during my work with and for dogs – in good and bad ways – thank you for all the lessons !


-          I thank also to you that you have opened my web site and have spent your time by reading it.



Lenka Folget Klimova