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on 17th of June 2012 our N litter was born - 1 black boy, 2 black girls, more info here


We are still searching new loving home for 5 month old MAKO MAKO KIAORA



16.3.2012 - puppy page was updated






16.2.2012 - puppy page was updated


Puppies are just 1 week old and they also have their pedigree names.



12.2.2012 - CACIB Rzeszow / PL, judge: C. Stefanescu / Rumunsko


Lucca KIAORA - Exc1, Best Junior in Breed  - NEW POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION 



10.2.2012 BEARDED COLLIE CLUB CZECH REPUBLIC PUBLISHED THE RESULTS OF TOP CZ WORKIN BEARDIE 2011 (it is competition where the dogs are collecting points in different sports and on the end of the year the club calculates the points according the point system and publishes the results)


A3CH. All About Me KIAORA - CZ TOP WORKING BEARDIE 2011BEARDIES KIAORA ON TOP !!!                                              

thank you very much to both owners for such fantastic results with their dogs


The first place in females category took Sarah -  A3Ch. All About Me KIAORA  - Sarah is excellent agility dog and she is the only beardie in history of the breed in Czech republic who performed to the top at the show and also championship in agility. It has happened in 2009 when she won on saturday BOB titel at the Czech specialty and on sunday she became Czech champion in agility for bearded collies by wining the Championship of Czech republic in agility for bearded collies. Sarah still continues his succes in agility courses and passes new exams in obedience training. Thanks to all those succesfull activities she became TOP CZ WORKING BEARDIE ! My best congratulations to her very proud owner Lucie Naplavova. Sarah also fullfilled the conditions for awarding the titel of Club working veteran champion.



The first place in males category belongs to Jimi -  Hendrix KIAORA  - Jimi is also doing agilit, he is also dog dancer - you can see the video with him in sport section) He passed intermediate working test and he was also member of the winning team in the first annual of Beardie cup in agility in 2011. My best congratulations to the proud owner Mrs. Jana Nemcova. Jimi has fullfilled the conditions for awarding titel Club working champion


The next placement of our dogs:


12th place - Affair of Heart KIAORA - "Aira" and Michaela Vlasova

13th place - In Name of Love KIAORA - "Rézi" and Lenka Folget Klimova



6th place - I´Bono KIAORA - "Bono" and Jana Prorokova

13th place- Lambrusco KIAORA "Lambi" and Martina Ottova and her husband.





9.2.2012 - on 8.2.2012 the puppies are born - more here

5.2.2012 - CACIB show BRNO/ CZ, judge B.Kremser/ Slo


Lambrusco KIAORA - Exc1, CAJC                                        Lambrusco KIAORA


Ch. Kaspian KIAORA - Exc1, CAC, CACIB                                               Ch. Kaspian KIAORA


Leeda KIAORA  - Exc3                  




4.2.2012 - CACIB show Brno /CZ, judge: V.Javorcik / SK, G.Bodegard/ S (group judge)


Lambrusco KIAORA - Exc1, CAJC, Best of Breed Junior, shortlisted in BIG Junior   NEW CZECH JUNIOR CHAMPION  Lambrusco KIAORA


Ch. Kaspian KIAORA - Exc1, CAC, res. CACIB   Ch. Kaspian KIAORA


Leeda KIAORA  - Exc2                                                                          Leeda KIAORA being judged by Mr. Javorcik


thank you Blanka Zbynova and Martina Ottova for all the photos

14.1.2012 - Club show Ljubljana/Slo, judge: M.Redlicki /PL

Ch. Etienne KIAORA - Ex1, CAC, BOB, BIS 3     Ch. Etienne KIAORA, 3rd BEST IN SHOW - Club show British sheepdogs Slovenia



9.1.2012 - the result of HD and ED 3 siblings from litter L - Lambrusco, Leeda a Loretta  are HD A and ED A by all of them.


8.1.2012 - at the begining of february we are execting puppies - more here

7.1.2012 - National show Brno, judge: P. Rehanek/CZ, breeding group judge: F.Korda/CZ


Lambrusco KIAORA - Exc1, CAJC, BOJ    Lambrusco KIAORA    Lambrusco KIAORA


Leeda KIAORA - Exc1, CAJC                           Leeda KIAORA 


Ch. Kaspian KIAORA - Exc 2, res. CAC - NEW CZECH CHAMPION                           Ch. Kaspian KIAORA


breeding group KIAORA (Lambrusco KIAORA  Leeda KIAORA, Ch Kaspian KIAORA) - BEST BREEDING GROUP IN SHOW

zleva Kaspian Kiaora a Lenka, Leeda KIAORA a Kája, Lambrusco KIAORA a Martina, s rozhodčím F.Kordou, foto: H.Brychta