Ch.For Fans Only KIAORA



                                                                                                                                                                                          foto Hanus Brychta 



born : 28.9.2007

HD: C /A



father: MultiCh.Firstprizebears Apache (also GB CH., CC Crufts Winner)

mother: Ch.Michelle Eva Cerny Faun







Breeder: Lenka Folget Klimova

Owner: Lenka Folget Klimova + Monika Christophova


BEST IN SHOW Praha 2010

Czech champion

CACIB + Qualificaton to Crufts 2011

CACIB + Qualification to Crufts 2010 (at the age of only 16 months)

BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR (cz special show)

Jugendsieger - Club Show  Tulln / A

2.5.2010 CACIB PRAGUE - BEST IN SHOW competition, judge: S. Stefik / SK


JCh. For Fans Only KIAORA "Willy"- BEST IN SHOW       BIS winner Jch.For Fans Only KIAORA


My dream became true ! Thank you to all the judges who made my dream to come true ! To win such prestigious show as breeder/handler/co-owner of the winnig dog  is very special. All the succes is even more special when realizing that Willy has finished his championship titel on saturday and he became our 13th KIAORA champion ! 13 must be our lucky number :)


Willy is also the FIRST BEARDED COLLIE EVER winning this prestigous BEST IN SHOW titel at the international show in Czech republic. He wrote the history ! He has it in his genes ! His family is famous for writing the history:

* his father UK Ch, ICh, MultiCh. Firstprizebears Apache is the FIRST BEARDED COLLIE from bred/owned/handled outside UK and  winning CC at the greatest show in the world at CRUFTS

* his grandfather ICh. MultiCh. Firstprizebears Lukachukai (still happily living with us at the age of 15) is the FIRST BEARDED COLLIE from Eastern Europe who was used at stud in the homeland of our breed in UK !


My huge thanks goes to the judges who appreciated Willy´s qualities and placed him so highly - Mrs. Hassi Assenmacher Feyel from Germany Breed judge Mrs. Hassi Assenmacher Feyel, BIS Winner JCh. For Fans Only KIAORA and breeder/handler/co-owner Lenka Folget Klimova, photo by H.Brychtamade him among 39 beardies BEST OF BREED, Mr. Denis Kuzelj made him BEST IN GROUP,  Mr. Rui Oliviera from Portugal found him as the BEST OF DAY on saturday and Mr. Stefan Stefik from Slovakia choose him on the very much TOP and made him BEST IN SHOW !


Thanks also to my great supporters and helpers at that day - especially to the junior handler Katka Navratilikova who has expertly handled my skye terrier Democrat KIAORA to his second BOB and Crufts qualification in the breed ring while I had to show Willy to his very first success at the day - Best of Breed. Willy´s coat for the big ring on saturday and on sunday too was prepared by my dear friend and great supporter Ivana Kvechova - thank you for everything ! Hanus Brychta did again the great photos for me which are always highly appreciated.

Thank to all the spectacors who made the great atmosphere near the big ring  and has been supporting us with the applause!

Thanks to Monika Christophova the co-owner of Willy for her care and love she is giving to him. happy co-owners Monika and Lenka with Willy and his cups he won on the weekend

At last but not at least I have to thank you to the continuous support of my family. Without you and your understanding I couldn´t enjoy this lovely feeling ! thank you !


Willy- BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR at the CZ specialty Jihlava 2008, judge: Mr.Kanas/SK  

at the age of 6 months





22.5.2010 CACIB Litomerice /CZ open Ex1, CAC, CACIB E.Soltezs/A
1.5.2010 CACIB Praha / CZ open Ex1, CAC, CACIB, Crufts qualification , BOB, BIG, BEST OF DAY, BEST IN SHOW H.Assenmacher-Feyel/D (breed), D.Kuzelj/Slo (group), Rui Oliviera/P (best of day), S. Stefik / SK (BIS)
11.4.2010 CACIB Dresden / D open Ex4 K.Selle / D
23.5.2010 CACIB Litomerice/CZ interm Ex1, CAC N.Savcic/Srb
28.9.2009 CACIB Mlada Boleslav / CZ interm Ex1, CAC P. Rehanek / CZ
4.4.2009 CAC Dresden / D interm Ex2, res. CAC, VDH S. Peplow/D
7.2.2009 CACIB Brno interm Ex1, CAC, CACIB, Crufts qualification E.Soltezs/A
15.11.2008 CACIB Praha jun V1,CAJC, Cz Junior Champion P.Marova/CZ
5.10.2008 EDS Budapest/H jun VG I.Muszlai/H
28.9.2008 Tulln/A (CACIB) jun Exc2 V.Mojzis/CZ
27.9.2008 Tulln/A (club show) jun Exc1, Jugensieger W.Nelson/USA
30.8.2008 Mladá Boleslav/CZ (CACIB) jun Exc1, CAJC, 5th BIS Junior K.Barbosov/Ru, J.Dostál/CZ (bis jun)
23.8.2008 Jihlava/CZ jun Exc1, CAJC, BIS JUNIOR R.Kanas/SK