CZ/SK/PL/A/VDH/D ClubCH. ICH.Firstprizebears Enfield



photo by Cristina Andres


born 26.12.2005


elbows: A/A

eyes: not yet


father: UKCh. Snowmead Sans Faute

mother: EurWinner 03, NL, B, Lux, VDH, D, IntCh. Firstprizebears Aspen




Breeder: Joop Hartman/ Cornelia Loest, Belgium

Owner: Alberto Sanchez & Cristina Andres, Spain


Lee is living at our place and most probably at least next 2 years he will do. He is exclusively handled by Lenka Klimova or occasionally by his breeder Mrs.Cornelia Loest.

Lee is stud male and he is avalaible for mating in our place. For more info about the conditions don´t hesistate to contact us.


updated 19.10.2009 Lee is living recently with his breeder in Belgium - go to




KIAORA kennel / CZ - H litter born 18.4.2008, mother: Ch.Firstprizebears Z´Waikiki,   5 males / 3 females

WILWARIN kennel /CZ - B litter born 6.7.2008, mother: Ch.Affair of Heart KIAORA 3 males / 4 females

KASITERIT kennel / SK - 2.7.2008, mother: Ch.Dea-Dro Kasiterit Mona,

DIAMOND WINNER kennel /SLO - born 6.7.2009, mother: Sagena Monopoly,  2 males / 4 females

Black Cooper kennel / SK - born 8.7.2009, mother: Ch.Black Cooper Bee Gees, 4 males / 6 females

Dea-Dro kennel /Marocco - born 14.9.2009, mother: Ch.Mayflower´s Nicolette at Dea-Dro, 4 males / 3 females

KIAORA kennel / CZ - K litter born 20.10.2009, mother: C´You Lucy KIAORA, 2 males / 3 females


Lee is giving just black-white puppies







Czech champion

Slovakian champion

Polish champion

Austrian Champion

VDH Champion

German club Champion (CfBH)

Nederland Champion

Belgium Champion

Luxembourg Champion




Slovenian Champion

Croatian Champion



Bundessieger Dortmund 2009

Club winner - Austria 2009

Club Winner - Austria 2009

2nd in Open class at CRUFTS 2009

Club Winner - Slovenia 2009

Austrian Bundessieger 2008 + res.BIG

Club Winner - Croatia 2008

Open Class Winner - World beardie specialty - Tullinge 2008, Sweden

Club Winner Mlada Boleslav / CZ 2008 (judge Mrs.Betts/Pipadene UK)

BOB - CZ II. club show Ceske Budejovice 2007


BOB & BEST IN GROUP - CAC all breeds show Mlada Boleslav 2007

BOB & BEST IN SHOW in Gotha/Germany - just the age of 19 months

BOB at international dog show at the age of 18 months


Best Junior male - CZ club show / judge: Mr.Burffit/GB






European Dog show Budapest - october 2008, photo by B.Zagar 

World Specialty in Tullinge - Sweden 2008, both photos by J.Crhova



Lee BOS at Crufts Qualification show in Bratislava - May 2008, right BOB Firsptrizebears Conny Island, photo by J.Crhova CACIB in Bratislava - may 2008, photo by J.CrhovaLee Club Winner at CZ club show 2008, under the judge Mrs. M.Betts/UK, kennel Pipadene. Photo by A.Bendova

Lee at Crufts 2008  BOB winner at the CZ specialty 2007, judge Mr.Krinke/CZ 

Lee moving - Cz club show Ceske Budejovice 2007   

Lee at the age of 19 months     Lee wining BOB over 28 beardies in Gotha/Germany, judge: M.Wilberg/N    Lee winning BEST IN SHOW at the show in Gotha/Germany, judge: Mr.Wilberg/N

Lee winning BOB in CACIB show in Krakow under Monsieur Karcher/ F, out of intermediate class, in sweet 18 months in total entry of 19 beardies, photo by M.Ourednikova  Lee at the european show in zagreb, shown in intermediate class, ended 2nd res.CAC, photo by B.Zagar   Lee winning junior class under Mr.Burffit at Czech club show, photo by O.Jezek

18 months old

15 months old


6 months old

as puppy




Since middle of October Lee is living in Belgium with his breeder - the most recent infos about his show successes you can find under

16.10.2009 CACIB Dortmund / D Ex1, CAC, VDH, CACIB, Budessieger, VDH & Club champion Ch.Habig/D
9.10.2009 Specialty Bratislava / SK Ex1, CAC L. Mach / CH
8.10.2009 WDS Bratislava / SK Ex4 R.Irving / GB
4.10.2009 CACIB Tulln / A Ex4 A.Stevens/GB
3.10.2009 Clubsiegershau Tulln/A Ex1, CACA, Clubsieger 2009 Austrian Champion E.Soltez/A
27.9.2009 CACIB Celje / Slo Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG2 L.Mach/CH
26.9.2009 CACIB Celje / Slo Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG2 J.G.Toldra/E, J.Selimovic/Cro
23.8.2009 CACIB Wels/A Ex1, CACA, res.CACIB L.Mach / CH
22.8.2009 CACIB Wels / A Ex1, CACA, res.CACIB P.Jentgen / Lux
21.8.2009 CACIB Wels/A Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB R.Wagner / Lux
16.8.2009 Club show Beckum / D Ex1, CAC, VDH E.Segui / GB
2.8.2009 CAC Legnica /PL Ex1, CWC, Best male, BOB Polish Champion A.Stepinski / PL
25.7.2009 CACIB Liege / B Ex1 L.R.Hjorn/N
28.6.2009 Hauptzuchtschau Sachsenheim / D Ex R.Haywood / UK
14.6.2009 CACIB Erfurt / D Ex1, CAC, VDH, res.CACIB Y.Fox / UK
13.6.2009 National Show Erfurt / D Ex1, CAC, VDH P.Fox / UK
30.5.2009 EDS Dublin / Irland Ex2 M.Levente / H
23.5.2009 CACIB Litomerice /CZ Ex1, CAC, CACIB N.Savicic/Srb
25.4.2009 CACIB Ceske Budejovice/CZ Ex1, CAC, CACIB J.Dostal/CZ
8.3.2009 Crufts Birmingham/UK 2nd in Open G.Atkins/GB
18.1.2009 CACIB Ljublana/Slo Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB M.Krinke/CZ
17.1.2009 Club show Ljublana/Slo Ex1, CAC, Club winner L.P. Texeira/P
17.1.2009 CACIB Ljublana/Slo Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB S.Clark/UK
30.11.2008 CACIB Zagreb/Cro Ex2, res.CAC L.H.Willberg/N
29.11.2008 CACIB Zagreb/Cro Ex1, CAC, CACIB, Qualified for Crufts 2009 A. Korosz/H
28.11.2008 Club show Zagreb/Cro Ex1, CAC, Club winner J.Lanning/UK
5.10.2008 EDS Budapest/H Ex2, res.CAC D.Kuzelj/Slo
28.9.2008 Tulln/A (CACIB) Ex1, CACA, CACIB, BOB, BIG2, International Champion B.Muller/CH, L.Mach/CH
27.9.2008 Tulln/A (club show) Ex1, CACA W.Nelson/USA
30.8.2008 CACIB Ml.Boleslav/CZ Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG5 K.Barbosov/Ru, T.Havelka/SK
23.8.2008 Jihlava/CZ Exc1, CAC, Jihlava Winner 2008, BOB R.Kanas/SK
13.7.2008 BC Specialty Gotha/D Ex1, CAC, VDH G.Spurrier/UK
5.7.2008 World Specialty Tullinge/S Ex1 Open class Winner L.Tomlinson/UK
4.7.2008 WDS Stockholm/S Ex U.Goransson/S
28.6.2008 CACIB Brno/CZ Ex2, res.CAC L.Ubrova/CZ
15.6.2008 CACIB Erfurt/D Ex2, res.antw.DtCH.VDH, res.CAC H.E.Pedersen/DK
14.6.2008 Nat.Zuchtschau Erfurt/D Ex3 B.Novak/Slo
7.6.2008 CACIB Nitra/SK Ex3 P.Řehánek/CZ
6.6.2008 CAC Senec/SK Ex1, CAC I.Vojtekova/SK
25.5.2008 Club Show MLada Boleslav/CZ Ex1, CAC, Club winner 2008 Mrs.Betts/UK
24.5.2008 CACIB Litomerice/CZ Ex2, res.CAC P.Szemraj/PL
18.5.2008 CACIB Bratislava/SK Ex1, CAC, Slovakian Champion M.Vaclavik/CZ
17.5.2008 CACIB Bratislava/SK Ex1, CAC, CACIB, Qualified for Crufts 2009 D.Kuzelj/Slo
27.4.2008 Nat.Zuchtshau Dresden/D Ex2, res.anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, res.CAC Mrs.R.Blessing/D
19.4.2008 CACIB C.Budejovice/CZ Ex2, res.CAC, res.CACIB M.Krinke/CZ
22.3.2008 CACIB Praha/CZ Ex1, CAC, res.CACIB, Czech champion E.Soltezs
8.3.2008 Crufts/UK xxxx S.Nichols-Ward/UK
13.10.2007 CACIB Dortmund/D Ex3 H.Mense/D
7.10.2007 Club show Ceske Budejovice/CZ Ex1, CAC, Automn winner 2007, BOB M.Krinke/CZ
6.10.2007 CACIB Ceske Budejovice/CZ Ex1, CAC A.Kovacova/SK
30.9.2007 CACIB Tulln/A Ex2, res.CACA S.Clark/GB
23.9.2007 Club show Lodz/PL Ex1, CWC U.Goransson/S
22.9.2007 British sheepdogs specialty Lodz/PL Ex1, CWC H.E.Pedersen/DK
25.8.2007 Specialty Zamberk/CZ Ex2, res.CAC T.Havelka/SK
19.8.2007 CACIB Bratislava/SK Ex1, CAC E.Yerusalimsky/Rus
18.8.2007 CACIB Bratislava/SK Ex1, CAC A.H.Brace/UK
21.7.2007 CAC Mlada Boleslav/CZ Ex1, CAC, National Winner, BOB, BEST IN GROUP Mr.Vaclavik/CZ
15.7.2007 CAC Gotha/D Ex1, CAC, Ant.DtCh.VDH, BOB, BEST IN SHOW L.H.Wilberg/N
24.6.2007 CACIB Krakow/PL Ex1, CWC, CACIB, BOB, shortlisted in group Ch.Kärcher/F
23.6.2007 CACIB Brno/CZ Ex2, res.CAC P.Polacek/CZ
2.6.2007 CACIB Leszno/PL Ex1, CWC, res.CACIB L.Mach/CH
8.6.2007 Euro show Zagreb/Cro Ex2, res.CAC S.Lovenjaer/DK
26.5.2007 Portoroz/Slo Ex1, PRM (Junior Winner), Junior BOB, Qualified for Crufts 2008 L. Oklescen/slo
20.5.2007 Penig/D Ex1, CAC, Ant.DtCh.VDH H.Muller/D
29.4.2007 Club show Mlada Boleslav/CZ Ex1, CAJC (junior winner) A.Burffit/GB (kennel Breaksea)