We have moved ! Since september 2006 we live at the same village,  just opposite hill. Our new house nr. is 4



Lenka Folget-Klímová & Pavel Folget                              


Lhenice 4


CZ - 415 01 Teplice


Czech republic - Europe


phone: +420 777 121 652


fax: +420 475 620 800




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ATTENTION: if you are sending us the e-mails with attachments it is possible you will received failure your e-mail wasn´t delivered to following address:  This notice only means your e-mail wasn´t delivered to my cell phone. Capacity of our mail box is unlimited so all e-mails are downloaded to our computer with no problems.. If you don´t receive the answer to your e-mail in a week, please be so kind and resend it again as it probably has been erased like SPAM. Thank you for your understanding.


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Naše svatební foto 8.8.2008 / Our wedding photo 8.8.2008



Links to some of our fun time, not directly from the "dogs" world


Pavel is celebrating his 40




Lhenice - Silvestr 2008