KIAORA -  "C" Litter

born: 7.12.2004

boys: Come As You Are, Cosmic Ray, Crazy For Dance

girls: Colour of , Curious Way, Cyber Shot, C´You Lucy


Ch. Bright Glint´s Legendary Hugo




AmCh.Windfiddler´s Still Cruisin


Ch. Windfiddler Bound To Be A Star
Ch. Potterdale Prosperity
Firstprizebears Liza Minelli Ch. Shiltone Choir Boy HD-A
Ch.Sheepish´s Prize Bear the First
Ch. Firstprizebears Z´Waikiki



Firstprizebears  Emerson


Ch. Shilstone Choir Boy HD-A
Ch. Shilstone Secret
Ch. Firstprizebears Hillary Clinton


Pahari L´The Pagan
Ch.Sheepish´s Prize Bear the First HD-A