International Show Arnhem/NL


judge: H.Assemacher-Feyel/D

Bearded collies results

open class
Ex1 Bright Glints Justinianus
Ex2 Nobility It´s Me
Ex3 Joella´s james v.d. Wollewuif
Ex4 Groovy Sprocked of the Benjy Bunch
VG Lucky Number Honeybear Jayson
intermediate cl.-
Ex1 Lucky Number Black Boy Nowy
Junior cl.
Ex1, res.CAC Bonibreas Styled in OZ
champion cl.
Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS Ch.Firstprizebears Comanche
Ex2, res.CACIB Beardie Connections Connor
Veteran class
Ex1 Grand Affair Lady Pamela
puppy class
VP1 Lucky Number Perfect Picture
open class
Ex1 Happy Bavarian magic Mika´s Special Lady
Ex2 Adorable Vanety of Deboras Farm
Ex3 Plusbeaus First Automn Breeze
Ex4 Snugglebeard Cover Girl
intermediate cl.
Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, res.BIG Firstprizebears Donna Summer
Ex2 Jin Joons Dream Lady Ophelia
junior cl.
Ex1 Lovely Miracle Kayley of Magic Mika
VG2 No-Nonsense´s Elpardoes
VG3 Ketchin Up of the Benjy Bunch
VG4 Castle of Warwick bonnie Prince
champion cl.
Ex1, res.CAC, res.CACIB Lucky Number La Garcia
Ex2 Firstprizebears Blue Moon


Results according the board at the ring.


Photos and results of the finals can be found at